Phantom Hand Wraps MT-Pro

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A good pair of handwraps is essential for every fighter. No matter if you train MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai or Kickboxing...handwraps protect your knuckles, your wrists and all the small bones and joints in your hands. 

Our MT-Pro handwraps are semi-elastic and made from a cotton/polyester mix. That means they do not slip like old school cotton handwraps and stay in place during your training. Also, they are not too elastic so they won't cut off your blood circulation when wrapped properly.
With 450cm of length, they are perfect to wrap your complete hands and strengthen areas where you might have problems, like your knuckles or wrists. 
Another benefit of handwraps is their ability to absorb sweat and keep your boxing gloves dry for a longer period of time. 

  • For all martial arts
  • Semi-elastic
  • Thumb loop and velcro closure
  • Protect bones and joints
  • Length: 450cm / 180inch
  • Color: Black/White
  • Material: Cotton/Polyester

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